Information on world school networking statistics for 19990810 JPNIC EDU Meeting

Information is collected by langner[AT], goto[AT] Contributions by Prof. Kumiko Aoki (Boston Univ.), And Prof. Kunio Koshigiri (Osaka Kyoiku Univ.)

1. World School and Education Statistics

2. Some International Educational Resources

3. K-12 education and the Internet (by Prof. Aoki)

The following are the list of URLs for those sites which are related to K-12 education and the Internet:
  1. Hot list of K-12 Internet School Sites (
  2. K-12 Internet and Web Issue (
  3. K-12 Internet Resources (
  4. K-12 Internet Use Issues (
  5. Metaphors, Pitfalls, and Possibilities for Using the Internet in K-12 Education (
  6. National Center for Educational Statistics (NCES) Home Page (
  7. ERIC - Educational Resources Information Center (
  8. National Library of Education (
  9. NetDay National (
  10. American School Directory - Your Interactive Gateway to All 108,000 K-12 Schools (
See also,

4. Initiatives in Europe

5. Networked Schools

6. Suggested readings in Japanese

  1. 越桐 國雄, ``日本のインターネット教育利用の動向'', 大阪教育大学紀要第V部門, 第48巻, 第2号, 1999年9月予定 著者の許可を得て引用
  2. World Education Report 1998、ユネスコ編世界教育白書、東京書籍、1998
  3. 学校基本調査報告書、文部省、平成10年
  4. 教育指標の国際比較、文部省、平成10年
  5. 図表でみる教育、OECD教育インディケータ、ぎょうせい、1996

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