uni@schule: An Internet contest for teams from school and university

[appeared in Kyouiku Katei Shinbun June 1999]

In March the national German initiative "Schools to the Net" (http://www.san-ev.de/) with the help of sponsors from information industry has announced another contest for schools that use new media in an appropriate and innovative way.

Its name "uni@schule'99" ( symbolizes that this contest aims at building educational teams consisting of both, participants from school and from university. 3 to 6 persons from pedagogical faculties at university (professors, lecturers, teacher students) and school (teachers, teachers in training and their pupils) form a team and cooperate on an educational project of their choice until February 2000.

The idea is to encourage young teachers to develop their ideas for future education with the help of mentors from university, but also near to real school life.
It is required that the submitted projects make skillful and meaningful use of the Internet, respect current curricula, have been tested in real classes and have been published electronically in a way that other teachers can easily make use of the material for their own lessons. Action oriented and problem solving approaches as well as student teamwork, independent investigation and fun elements are especially welcome. Prizes will be granted for subject projects and integrated projects seperately.
Every team can use an online service for 10 months as well as the project server and a technical helpdesk.

After the award ceremony in next spring all submitted material will be published on the SaN-Server, so that it can be used, refined and supplemented online. In this way it is planned to gradually expand the resource area of SaNīs online teacher service (http://lo.san-ev.de/) with substantial material .

uni@schule is modelled after the North American contest "ThinkQuest for Tomorrow's Teacher" (http://www.thinkquest.org/tqtt/index.shtml) and is going to be linked to that contest after its internationalisation from next year.

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